There are many different types of platforms used in providing Risk Sciences Group's services. We only partner with the industry leaders in their respective areas. The top tier of technology is then applied to our own technology to provide excellent solutions for our clients' data. to produce products which provides excellent solutions for our clients.

Our Oracle based platform provides the foundation of our data computing power. It offers an unlimited database for all your analytical needs. Whether you're consolidating data on fifty employees in one location, or fifty thousand employees across the globe, Oracle furnishes the scalability and functionality you need. Advanced facilities Redundant hardware facilitates maintenance with minimal inconvenience. Guaranteed server resources boost performance.

Many other platforms then provide the foundation for our technologies.

  • Windows Webserver and .Net provides a robust, secure pipeline to transfer data from all locations and to all locations.
  • Adobe Flex is the framework for our client interface and widgets and applications An apps and widgets framework is built to allow flexibility to customize to our client's needs.
  • IBM Cognos delivers business intelligence computing for our ad hoc reporting.
  • Microsoft's SQL Server Analysis Services help us provide advanced predictive analytics.