Many of our self-administration clients use the DMITRI as their claim system, saving money by combining the two systems with one product. It's easy. Claims professionals enter and maintain their claim data in the system.

DMITRI helps you accomplish everything necessary for a well managed file:

  • Reserves can be set with or without threshold limits.
  • The Diary Event Manager tracks important events and makes follow-up easy.
  • Alerts help supervisors keep vigilant on breached reserve or payment limits.
  • Attachments such as photos, letters, bills and recorded interviews can help maintain a complete file for the claim.
  • Tasks and diaries can be assigned to the claim professional or supervisor.
  • Letters and notifications are automated.

In addition to managing claims, the system also assists managers by reporting on case loads per claim professional. Team leaders and supervisors can easily access each claim and oversee all activity at any point. They can make improvements and help manage the claim when needed.