Dmitri's dashboard offers a simple view into the data associated with your Company. Designed to offer you control and transparency, dashboards summarize the data associated with claims and provides links to control your personal settings. The dashboard offer an array of charts, graphs, forms, and grids to provide quick, visual representations of the information you want to follow closely. Drill-downs then give you both a quick overview and the ability to divulge the details behind each widget.

Graphs, grids and charts can be set on any page, so you can reference your information exactly when and where you need it without jumping around or backtracking. You work smarter and more efficiently.


  • Instantly display information as a bar, column, area, line or pie chart.
  • Any image can be uploaded and used as a drillable map. Maps can by pictures of amusement parks, corporate campuses, street maps, countries, or anything else you think may be useful.
  • Through hotspots, RSG has the ability to define criteria and drill-downs based on your individual or business needs.
  • Get an overview of your data while still revealing details.


  • Give you multi-level sorting abilities including subtotals and collapsible groups.
  • Provide dynamic filtering and column previews.
  • Save configurations, so your grids always work the way you want them.
  • Provide the ability to export the data in .csv or Excel for further manipulation.


  • Display information specific to one record, such as a location or accident description.
  • Allow you to enter and edit data the instant it's available.
  • Set specific viewing and editing permissions down to the field level.