RSG Unveils New Product - Dmitri

RSG unveiled DmitriSM, a suite of pure web-based RMIS applications, at RIMS. This application will evolve our existing RMIS solutions. Dmitri Element 79SM (gold in the periodic table of elements) features an interactive user experience that is delivered on demand to your desktop via the internet. This product will immediately add a higher level of intuitiveness and user flexibility. Here are some of the new features you can look forward to with Dmitri:

  • Flexible data queries for finding information fast, based on any criteria
  • Widgets, including graphs, charts, and tabular lists are configurable by the user, for the user
  • Integrated role-based security, designed to ensure that each user sees only select records and data items
  • A Global Shortcut Pane, providing one-click access to commonly used tools
  • A "Favorite" link that quickly puts each user in touch with the data, searches, and reports that matter most to them
  • Data rich tabular grids featuring filters, multi-level grouped sorting, aggregation and more
  • Integrated print and export capabilities to Adobe┬« PDF and Microsoft┬« Excel for any portion of a web page
  • Graphs and charts can be viewed anywhere in the application
  • User-specific online help, down to the individual data item level, offering immediate solutions if questions arise
  • A flexible "Client Tool Kit" that enables each user, with the appropriate privileges, to create and modify their own web pages
  • A fully browser-based user interface, utilizing the latest Web 2.0 development tools