Visualize Your Data

Did you know?

The Dmitri System® offers custom drillable maps.

But did you know?

It is easier to understand information if you can visualize it. This is the reason behind Dmitri's ability to place dashboards on any page. Dmitri also offers a drill-down map function that can help users visualize a great deal of information.

Not only can the map function break down data by state or city, any image can be uploaded and used as a drillable map.

  • Maps can include the entire globe.
  • Street maps can detail auto liability claims.
  • A map of an amusement park or corporate campus can show where accidents have happened per location.
  • A diagram of a human body can help track different types of injuries.

RSG® is able to define hotspots, criteria, and drilldowns based on your business, allowing you to drill down based on criteria that matters most to your specific organization. Each map is totally customizable to your needs.