Turn Analytics Into Action

Did you know?

Risk Sciences Group® (RSG) turns mountains of data into nuggets of actionable insights.

But did you know?

The Dmitri® System interprets your tactical data to develop strategic information that can give insights into your risk exposures. This information might reveal trends, confirm strategies, suggest new loss control ideas or raise questions about plan performance.

There are several ways RSG works to ensure you get the right information to drive your spending judiciously:

  • Data loads are checked for accuracy and completenesss
  • The right definitions maintain accurate trend analysis
  • Graphs, maps and reports helps to visualize the data
  • Adjusting for catastrophic events helps refine actionable information
  • Normalization to a consistent unit of population or payroll is vital
  • Our team offers the ongoing assistance and training necessary for success

Our clients are able to build useful dashboards and drilldowns to develop and communicate the most useful statistics. Each screen can be customized so that complicated data is easily digested. Users can then export the information to stakeholders or decision makers.