Dmitri Suite Data Consolidation

Did you know?

International companies consolidate their data from around the world using the Dmitri SuiteĀ®.

But did you know?

RSG's clients operate in many different countries. Though there are different regulations with every jurisdiction, it is important to be able to consolidate the risk data. The Dmitri Suite standardizes data to paint an accurate picture of a company's risk profile across borders.

  • Convert local currencies automatically to a master currency
  • Coordinate dates and times
  • Drill-down by country, region or any designation
  • View any location around the globe with Google map functionality
  • Search multiple data sources simultaneously to find exact data
  • Tailor fields to collect unique information for regulatory and corporate needs

Dmitri's scalability gives large multinationals the power to expand current capabilities with Ad Hoc analytics. These capabilities help clients manage local requirements, customs and legislation while focusing on global objectives.