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Don't just predict the future… change it.

Are you reacting to events that have already happened with your claims, or are you proactively managing activities to prevent claims from developing adversely? 

Most RMIS analytic solutions provide only reactive claim information - delivered too late to affect change.

Introducing RSG ESP sm, a revolutionary set of tools that includes robust business intelligence, a predictive analytics toolkit and deep benchmarking capabilities enabling you to take preemptive action and ultimately change outcomes before it's too late.

RSG ESP delivers valuable insights into claims data to help proactively address potential issues that may arise in your claims program through:

Predictive Analytics - an innovative platform, available via RSG's DMITRI RMIS or as a web service API, that helps Risk Managers proactively assess at any point in the claims lifecycle, the likelihood that a claim's total cost could develop adversely

Business Intelligence  - Ad hoc reporting that creates customized analytics based on individualized specifications through the monitoring of events and metrics

Benchmarking  - our customized quality improvement tool that pinpoints issues and practices that could have significant impact on your organization or the outcome of a claim by identifying and comparing:

  • How and what others are doing
  • How well you're doing in reference to others
  • What, how and where to make changes in order to improve future outcomes

Learn more about how Risk Sciences Group® makes your job easier by delivering more accuracy, responsiveness and freedom, giving you the functionality needed to gain vast insights into your risk programs…so you can work smarter, faster and get the results you want.

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