RSG and Systema Software are pleased to offer an integrated solution with in-depth capabilities that combine the power of an advanced claim system (SIMS ClaimsTM) with our sophisticated RIMS (DMITRI) for better decision making and improved risk profiles.

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What is SIMS Claims?

"This strategic alliance between two quality organizations enables each to leverage the strengths of the other. The combined offering should offer clients and prospects a comprehensive RMIS and claims administration solution."
- Industry consultant David A. Tweedy, Director of RMIS at Bickmore, and author of the RMIS Review

SIMS Claims is an award-winning claims administration system that manages multiple lines of property and casualty insurance for both commercial and personal lines of business. With next-generation technology, SIMS is fast, functional, and highly flexible.

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Founded in 2006, Systema Software is a leading provider of claims administration software and services to the insurance industry. The Systema team delivers an architecturally strong enterprise platform, designed for fast performance, extraordinary functionality, extreme flexibility, and an elegant user experience-all of which is delivered at the most cost-effective price point on the market. The company's entrepreneurial spirit and agile approach unleash talent, creativity and innovation. Systema is dedicated to providing a superior level of customer service and support. Its solutions are delivered on time and within budget, so clients reap value, benefits, and a return on investment sooner and with a greater level of satisfaction. Systema continually invests in its product roadmap, welcoming client input on product development and enhancements. All of these factors have contributed to the company's phenomenal growth, high client praise, and success in the market.